Monday, September 15, 2008

Gorki and Paul, badboys.

Both of them are disliked by guys with bushy beards.
Fidel Castro hates Gorki, Omar Bakri hates Macca.

Fidel Castro and his lil'bro' Raul have jailed and harassed Gorki.
Bakri wants to kill Paul.

Fidel Castro banned the Beatles in Cuba, Israel followed suit.
Fidel Castro allowed for a statue of John Lennon to be erected in Havana, Israel invited the surviving half of Lennon-McCartney to perform in Tel Aviv. Both States claimed that the Beatles were a corrupting influence for their youth. Porno Para Ricardo is a corrupting influence to Cuban youth, according to the regime, and whilst Israel have embraced Paul, well.... the Palestinians not so much, unless you count an embrace by a fellow wearing a bomb-vest.

The followers of Gorki are beaten up by the Palestinian Police in Havana -the castroite occupation army of the capital- and Palestinians are threatening to kill Paul McCartney and the concert goers, via homicide bombers, seventy-two-virgin-seeker mad-men, going a step further of their Cuban homologues.

I am telling you, those two foursomes, the Beatles and Porno Para Ricardo, they are trouble.